Posted by: Sanjeev | March 1, 2008

The Vagina Monologues … in Pakistan (article)



India’s national muckraking magazine, Tehelka, has published an important article that will change how you look at Pakistan. It is neither a “failed state” nor a “jihadist haven”, but a country on the move.

Not just television, but also private radio stations and newspapers have flourished in Pakistan over the past few years. The result is an unprecedented openness. Young people are speaking and dressing differently. The Vagina Monologues was recently performed on stage in Pakistan to standing ovations.

Little of this has been reported in the Indian press, and Indians generally seem remarkably ill informed about the changes which have been quietly but profoundly changing Pakistani society beneath the media image of military stagnation and jehadi horrorism.

The article is written by William Dalrymple, author of City of Djinns — a much-praised book on New Delhi and its living history. Check it out.


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