Posted by: Sanjeev | May 21, 2008

Boric Bupinder

Probably out of sheer laziness, I failed to explore the Boric acid option. Apparently, boric acid is a nontoxic way to kill roaches. You spread the powder around, and when the roaches take their midnight stroll, the acid does its work.

Instead, I took to surprise ambushes. I’d fling open a cabinet door, sweep the roaches onto the floor, and stomp on them. But eventually, I made a startling discovery — I didn’t have to worry about cleanup.

If I stepped away for five or ten minutes, a swarm of ants would emerge from the same cabinets and take the dead roaches away.

It was an odd arrangement. I did the killings, and the ants would do the cleaning (and eating). I suspect neither party ever gave a thought to trading roles. But secretly, I was looking to find a replacement and move on to new responsibilities.

Then one day, Bupinder showed up at my door. Or more precisely, on my ceiling. I suspect he was escaping the odd Delhi rains. But either way, the tiny lizard had entered my home. At just the right time.

It took me a day, but I finally caught little Bupinder. And with some deft maneuvering, I transfered him to his new room — the cabinet under the kitchen sink.

Bupinder is a bit of a vagabond, so I have no idea if he’ll stick around. But in the off-chance that his diet includes roaches, there will be plenty of culinary options to choose from.


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