Posted by: Sanjeev | May 27, 2008

Furniture for sale

Ahh, the mundane tasks of moving.

I’m vacating my New Delhi flat, and I have a few items for sale. I live in the Arjun Nagar / Safdarjung Enclave / Green Park area. Easily accessible from main roads.


I’m leaving Friday night, May 30th, so everything needs to be cleared before then. Make me an offer.

Photos below.

Phone: 9811559220
Note: Please arrange for transportation and moving.

Bed: (still available)
– Dark wood finish
– 6 feet x 4 feet
– 3 months old.

Almirah / external closet: (sold)
– Roughly 6 feet tall.
– Locks for outside door and inside compartment.
– Attached mirror. Drawer at base.
– 3 months old.

Clothes drying stand:
– Metal.




  1. Any refridgerator for sale?

  2. A bed, wardrobe and clothes horse? You’re leaving so much behind—and this is it. Rs 200. Metal.

    At least having made the decision, I guess you don’t have much time to reflect on it! But transporting one’s life half way around the globe ain’t so mundane as I’m sure you really know; still few get that opportunity so indulge in those last few days of overwhelming sensation/numbness 😉

  3. I know, it’s amazing how insignificant the physical possessions are in comparison to the friends and experiences. The physical process of moving is quite mundane compared to the mental process of letting go. Three whole days left!

  4. Alright, my mom has commented on my blog! It’s official. My mom (“Rita Bery”) has entered the blogosphere.

    Sorry Mom, no fridge to sell. Uncle is wisking it away to his South Extension home.

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